049 Multi-Compact

049 Signal Tower Multi-Compact

The MULTI – Compact signal towers are used for the visual display of operating states on machines, systems and production facilities.

They guarantee excellent all-round light emission with high luminosity and extremely long service life

Operating voltage 24V AC/DC
Up to 4 levels
Free color design of each stage from white, blue, green, yellow, red, clear
Simultaneous display of different operating states possible
Protection class IP 54 or IP 65
CE compliant
Integrated flasher available, for each color level can be selected separately between flashing and continuous light
Integrated acoustic part available, switchable between interval and continuous tone
Robust housing made of polyamide, black
Light filter material PC tansparent, impact-resistant
Light filter colours according to VDE 0113 or EN 60204–1
Low power consumption with very long service life
Flashing operation via PLC possible
Direct mounting with two M4 studs
Electrical connection via screw terminals, max. 1.5 mm²
Cable gland optionally on the side or on the back of the case
Easily replaceable with other devices

Scope of delivery:
Completely ready for connection

Electrical connection via flange plug in the terminal compartment
Tripod design, pipe length according to customer requirements
Wall bracket mounting with plastic angle
Magnetic base on the case back (cable gland on the side)
Other housing colors on request

Technical data    
Voltage: 24V DC
Current consumption at 24V AC/DC: 100 mA function red
Current consumption at 24V AC/DC: 100 mA function yellow
Current consumption at 24V AC/DC: 140 mA function green
Current consumption at 24V AC/DC 10 mA function acoustics
Electrical connection: Screw terminal connector, max. 1.5 mm²
optional: Flange plug 3- or 6-pole
Available bulbs Number Wavelength Total luminous flux
LED, red 12 617 nm 14
LED, yellow 12 587 nm 14
LED, green 12 525 nm 10
LED, blue 12 469 nm 2,6
LED. Know 12 5600 K 10

Anschlussbelegung ohne Akustikfunktion

Anschlussbelegung mit Akustikfunktion






Please understand that we cannot list all possible combinations here.
You can put together your desired configuration yourself in the tab “Individual Configuration” at the top of this page.
Here is an excerpt from our order range:

Order No. Mounting Cable outlet Color Level 1 Color Level 2 Color Level 3 Color Level 4 Flashing function Acoustics Assembly
1-841.08.5.00 Magnetic base lateral Gn Ge Rt no no 3m cable
1-841.09.1.00 Tripod below Gn Ge Rt no no 1.5m cable
1-841.09.2.00 Stud below Gn Ge Rt no no without
1-841.09.2.01 Stud below Gn Ge Rt no Yes without
1-841.09.2.02 Stud below Ge Gn Rt no Yes without
1-841.09.2.03 Stud below Bl Ge Gn Rt no Yes without
1-841.09.2.04 Magnetic base lateral Gn Ge Rt no no without
1-841.09.2.05 Stud below Bl Ws Ge Rt no no without
1-841.09.2.06 Magnetic base lateral Gn Rt Yes no without
1-841.09.2.07 Stud below Bl Kl Ge Gn no no without
1-841.09.2.08 Stud below Bl Ge Rt Gn Yes Yes without
1-841.09.2.09 Magnetic base lateral Gn Rt Yes Yes without
1-841.09.2.10 Stud below Gn Ge no Yes without
1-841.09.3.10 Stud below Gn no no without
1-841.09.3.11 Stud below Gn no with without
1-841.09.4.00 Stud below Rt no no without
1-841.09.4.02 Stud below Rt no with without
1-841.09.4.20 Stud below Bl no no without
1-841.09.4.21 Magnetic base lateral Bl no no without

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